our story

Scout conveniently sits in the heart of Oakhurst Village, with its “Main Street, U.S.A.” charm. The restaurant and bar harken a sense of Americana, speaking to nostalgia for idealized small town life and a simpler bygone time. This cultural heritage is closely tied to the fare served, embracing a creative take on American cuisine and crafted cocktails that showcase the use of local and regional products, but also emphasize authenticity, transparency, and quality. These efforts echo Scout’s curious passion for nature and the bounty it has to offer.

In homage to it’s home in the historic Old Scottish Rite Hospital, ‘Scout’ is built upon contribution to community and the highest of ethical standards. Our neighborhood eatery is named for organized scouting, helping to build a memorable relationship that speaks to both guests’ bellies and souls. Much like the movement, we stress unity and a brotherly sense of togetherness through shared experiences and good citizenship, but most importantly, around reliably superb food and drink. A scout is both loyal and trustworthy, and in all circumstances we strive to embody this very best of characters, willing to sacrifice their own pleasure or comfort in the name of duty. Focus is not placed on good deeds themselves, but rather the ability to recognize when service is needed. This dedication and altruistic character are the foundation upon which ‘Scout’ stands — bringing our history and code of conduct to life in an approachable family-friendly setting — for you, our neighbors, to enjoy.